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Makeup Arts & Designs is a company delivering a variety of makeup effects to your projects in both commercial, film, theatre and for photo shoots.

MAD strives to deliver high quality results to every commitment and pushes our boundaries to reach the best result for a reasonable budget.


Makeup Arts & Designs is a company founded by Mathilde Wiessing in 2017 after she had studied All-round makeup art in Amsterdam. Mathilde moved to the Netherlands in 2013 after she had studied forensic science in Uppsala in Sweden. She realized that real dead bodies weren’t as fun as making fake ones look real.

In Amsterdam Mathilde learnt how to do hair and makeup for camera as well as for theatre. She had a lot of different internships in the Netherlands as well as in Sweden learning how to make different makeup effects, from small wounds to character makeups to wigs.

Since then Mathilde has gained experience in prop- and makeup workshops as well as on set and stage.


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