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More About Mathilde

Mathilde was born in Sweden to mother Annika, a ballet dancer and father Thijs, a theatrical light designer. Born in to the entertainment business, Mathilde has always been fascinated by the industry and its diversity. As a young girl Mathilde always enjoyed joining her father at the theatre, the atmosphere and the creativity always kept her interested.

When she got older and started school, the theatre world came to a halt and she focused more on school and when she turned 16 she went to Uppsala to study Social and Forensic sciences, a preparatory education of police, forensic technician.

After three years she graduated in Uppsala and was free to choose what to do next. Never really letting the interest go of the entertainment industry, she decided to give it a try. Mathilde always had a preference to the makeup industry and decided to make a work of her hobby and started looking for educations on the subject.

After a little research Mathilde found a study in the Netherlands that appealed to her. She left the comfort of her home country and went down to the Netherlands and began the process of learning a new language.

At school Mathilde learned everything from beauty makeup, hair styling, wig making, character creations, realistic wounds and injuries. During her study she also had the opportunity to do a lot of internships at theatres, Special effect workshops and film sets, in the Netherlands as well as in Sweden. Giving her a lot of experience and knowledge in the trade. She took an extra liking to the Special Effects industry and started focusing more on learning more about the craft of making fake injuries and creatures look real.

In 2017 Mathilde graduated and passed with distinction. She started her own freelance company MAD | Makeup Arts & Designs. Mathilde have ever since worked on film sets and in different highly known Special effect workshops.

To learn more about what Mathilde have been working on take a look at the Portfolio page.